Income Manager

Income manager maintains all records and data for any miscellaneous incoming transactions which take place in the institution, not directly from the ERP, for example, all the trust donations happening in the school which is not done through ERP, is accounted for in this module.

This feature has three sub-modules

  • Add income
  • Search income
  • Income head

To add a miscellaneous income, navigate to Finance > Income Manager > Add Income

ADD INCOME: - Any miscellaneous incoming transaction can be recorded by entering the data from this section.

This sub-module has various sections where you can fill in the details of the transaction, such as:

  1. IncomeHead: - Select the type or category of the transaction, (which you can also create of your own.)
  2. Name: -    Fill in the name of the person or whosoever making the transaction.
  3. InvoiceNumber: - The receipt or invoice number can be filled here of the transaction
  4. Date: - The date of the transaction can be selected from here
  5. Amount: - fill in the amount, that needs to transact.           
  6. AttachDocument: - also you can attach any supporting document if required
  7. Description: - Details of the transaction can be filled here.
  8. Click on Save to add a miscellaneous income transaction.

SEARCH INCOME: - You can search for any previous income transaction here. There are two ways to do so,

  1. Search by period: - select the dates from which date to which date you want to see the details of the incoming transactions.
  2. Search by name: - one can search by the name of the person who made the transaction too.

INCOME HEAD: - This sub-module is can be used to create your own income head. Which has to be selected while adding any miscellaneous income.

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