Day Wise Attendance

Marking student attendance is very important. It helps evaluate the institution’s quality, make timely administrative and financial decisions, and plan events such as fire drills and other institutional activities. 

Knowing your student attendance will also help identify trends and give the institution the necessary data to establish an action plan to change the attendance culture of an individual student or a group of students. 

The Attendance module is designed to help teachers easily mark student attendance during class. Campus 365 automatically considers all students as ‘Present’, so only students who do not attend the class must be marked ‘Absent’. Students can be marked absent for half the day (Forenoon or Afternoon) or for the full day. Teachers may also provide the reason for a student’s absence. When a student is marked absent, an SMS notification is sent (if enabled) to the student and the emergency contact of the student.

Note: To set up SMS notifications, navigate to Platform settings > Notification settings.

Attendance reports can be generated for each batch to help teachers track and monitor student attendance. Students can see their own attendance record for the current year from their Campus 365 login.

If your institution marks student attendance Subject-wise/Period-wise, make sure to create a timetable for each batch to be able to mark student attendance. 

To mark student attendance manually, navigate to Student Attendance > Today's Attendance

  1. Select the Course and Batch for which attendance is to be marked.
  2. Select the Date for which the attendance is to be marked. Note that:
    1. Attendance for the past days can be marked, but it cannot be marked for future days.
    2. Irrespective of the mode of attendance (Manual/Automatic) defined for the course, attendance can be manually marked.

Who can mark student attendance?

The administrator or a privileged employee (Student attendance register privilege is required) can mark student attendance. However, there are certain conditions that must be met for employees to be able to mark student attendance, they are:

  • If the student attendance type is Daily, only the employee(s) assigned as the Course for a batch can mark attendance.
  • If the student attendance type is Subject-wise/Period-wise, only the employee(s) assigned to a subject can mark attendance for that particular subject.

If the student attendance type is Subject-wise, swapped employees can mark student attendance for that particular subject, only for that particular day.

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