Staff Management

To manage employees in your Campus 365 platform, go to Staff Management > Manage Staff. Here, you can view and manage all your institute’s employee accounts that have been created.

An employee here may either belong to teaching staff or non-teaching staff in your institution. You can assign the role of an employee when admitting the employee into the institution. When admitting an employee, the employee’s privileges are set according to the role the employee is assigned in an institution, thus creating a Privileged Employee.

To add an employee, navigate to Staff Management > Manage Staff > Add Staff

  1. Fill in all the Personal details under the basic information tab of staff like Employee ID, Name, Date of Birth, Role, Designation, Address, Qualification and Work experience.
  2. Fill in all the Additional details under the additional information tab of staff like Payroll details, Allotted leaves, Bank account details, Social media details (if any).
  3. Upload the Staff related documents under the Upload documents tab.
  4. Click Save to add the details of the staff member into the system.

NOTE: The custom fields, if added to the form, will also appear on the form.

To view a list of staff members with contact information and organizational hierarchy, navigate to Staff Management > Manage Staff. Click the name of the staff or view button to view the detailed profile. The window will appear with the staff details including Details, HRMS, Facilities, Documents.

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