Fees Carry Foward

Fees carry forward module helps in migrating the student's balance fees in the current session to the new session.

To carry forward the fees of a student to a new session you must either be an Administrator or a privileged employee (Manage Finance privilege must be provided). 

Note: You will need to perform these actions in the academic session in which you want to carry forward the balance amount.

For example, If you want to carry forward balance amount from 2019-2020 session to 2020-2021 session, you will need to navigate to the 2020-2021 session first through quick session change window or by pressing the S key to bring up the session change window.

Navigate to Fess Collection > Fees Carry Forward section to perform the fees migration actions.

On the fees carry forward page, select the course and batch for which you want to migrate the fees to the next session.

Once the list of students is populated, add the balance amount in the balance input box for the respective students and click on save.

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