Library, Transportation and Hostel Reports

Library report consists of a different report section where the Administrator and Management can check the consolidated as well as segregated records of the various library-related functions.

  1. Book issue Report: -This report highlights the book issued by the library to a student and the staff along with the book's detail and issue date.
  2. Book Due Report: -This report highlights the due date of a book issued by the institute library.
  3. Book inventory Report: - This report gives the details of the books present in the library of the institute along with its price (if any) and quantity.
  4. Book issue/return books Report: - This section provides the information about the return and issued date of a book to a student along with the details of the book being given.

Transportation report gives the details of the students travelling in a certain route via the institute's vehicle. This helps the institute to analyze and schedule the transportation accordingly.

Hostel report gives the information of the students along with their mobile number and Guardian details which are being assigned to different hostels of an institute.

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