Finance Reports

Finance reports show the vital information like financial expenses, gains, losses happened to an institute over the period and accordingly helps the Administrators and Management to form a constructive approach.

  1. Fees Statement: - This section gives a detailed insight into the various fees paid by a student like tuition and transportation. It also highlights the total amount paid or left or unpaid by the students, so to allow the institute to take necessary steps accordingly.
  2. Balance Fees Report: - This report gives the total fees and the paid fees along with any deduction or exceptions offered based on section and class.
  3. Fee collection Report: - This gives the fee details of the students who have submitted the fees without using any online method.
  4. Online fees collection Report: - This gives the fee details of those students who have submitted the fees by using any online method.
  5. Income Manager Report: - This report gives information about miscellaneous income added in the platform through the Income manager module.
  6. Expense Report: -This report gives the detail of the expenditures done by the institute.
  7. Manage Payroll Report: - this report gives the details of the salaries given by the institute to its various employees and makes account of it.
  8. Income Manager Group Report: - This report is helpful when you want to see the miscellaneous income report specifically for an income head.
  9. Expense group report: - It gives the consolidated expenses cleared or managed by the authority in a segregated fashion so that the institute or firm can look after the expenses done under each respective authority.
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