Student Management Report

Student management report consists of a different report section where the Administrator and Management can check the consolidated as well as segregated records of the various entities.

  1. Student Reports: - Here the Admin can find the academic as well as the personal details of the student.
  2. Guardian Reports: - Consist of Guardian data based on the students studying in different batches.
  3. Student History: -This section consists of the student details along with its basic and essential information.
  4. Student Login credential: - This section consists of Student login details along with their parent’s login details.
  5. Course Subject details: - This section consists of different courses along with the teachers associated to it for a class and its section.
  6. Admission Report: - Here the admin can find all the Admission done in the institute so far based on the weekly, monthly or yearly basis.
  7. Sibling Report: - this report has Parents as well as sibling’s data in it.
  8. Student Profile: - This report contains all the personal data of the student like, address, phone number, caste, religion etc. .
  9. Homework Evaluation Report: - This report gives the insight of the student’s performance towards the various homework assigned to them by giving the information whether the given homework has been completed or not.
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