Student Admission

You need to have Admin privileges to do the admission process of a student.  You can get the option Student Admission under Student Information > Student Admission. The admission process begins with filling the admission form.

Dropdown fields will show contents that are set as in the Settings (Configuration) module. These are typically the batch (grade) to which student is admitted and the category.

The next panel of admission form is for parents details of the student. Here the next part of admission is personal details which include first name, last name, and relationship with the student, date of birth etc. After this is contact detail - which includes email, address, city etc. here the last field is the mobile phone number which should be filled in order to receive SMS.

After entering the Father and Mother information, you need to select who should be the guardian of the student. You can either Select Father or Mother. The details of the selected Guardian will be copied automatically. 

Note: Only the Guardian Contact will have a login account. The username of the Guardian is displayed in the student profile. 

The next panel of the Student Admission Form is for adding the additional details like Present and Current Address, Transportation Details, Hostel Details, and other miscellaneous details like Bank Account Details, Previous Institute Details, etc.

The next and the last panel of the Student Admission Form is for uploading the Student’s Documents.

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