The timetable module helps in creating and maintaining the course and teacher's daily routine. To add a new timetable, you must either be an  Administrator or a privileged employee (Manage Timetable privilege must be provided).

To create the timetable, navigate to Academics > Course Timetable > Add Timetable.

  1. On the add timetable page, select the Course, Batch and Subject group for which you want to create the timetable and click on search.
  2. List of days of a week will be populated.
  3. Add the subjects from the subject dropdown, select the teacher who will be taking this period.
  4. Enter the Time from (Start time of the period) and Time to (End time of the period).
  5. Enter the Room number/Class number and click on Save.
  6. The timetable will be created for that particular day.
  7. You can multiple subjects by click on the Add New button.
  8. Following the process above (Steps from 3 to), you can create the timetable for the rest of the days of the week.

To view Teacher specific timetable, navigate to Academics > Teacher's Timetable > Select the Teacher to populate their timetable. 

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