Advantages and Disadvantages of hosting Campus 365 platforms in Campus 365's Cloud?

Advantages of Hosting Campus 365 platforms on Campus 365's Cloud:

A partner can choose to host Campus 365 platforms on Campus 365 Cloud or third-party servers. Campus 365 team strongly suggest hosting the School 365/College 365 application with Campus 365 Cloud Servers only. This is because

  • Easy Installation
    • There is no need for installation of the Application. This reduces time in installing the Application and reduce the cost of technical manpower for the client
  • High availability
    • We at Campus 365 ensure that the application is not down anytime. We promise 99.9% uptime. With the servers that are fine-tuned to support School 365/College 365 and Ruby on Rails, we ensure the downtime is almost Nil
  • Backup - No Data Loss
    • By Hosting with Campus 365 Cloud, you don't have to worry about losing your Data. Your Data is always safe with us. We take the backup of your Data twice a day.
  • Server maintenance
    • You don't have to spend anything on server maintenance  You don't have to find a server admin to keep the server up and running. Things like checking server log files, hard disk space, folder permissions, redundancy etc will be taken care from our side.
  • Easy debugging of issues and seamless upgrades
    • If any bugs arise, we could easily fix it or analyze the bug if the application is hosted on our servers. You don't have to provide your server login details or wait for our support team to connect with you. Just raise a ticket stating the issue and we will straight away analyze it and get back to you.
  • Low TCO
    • In practical terms to run a server of your own, you will need resources like a server admin and servers. Or you will have to purchase these services from a third party. Both options might seem profitable at first sight. But in reality, the efforts required to maintain the resources will invite a lot of hidden costs.
  • Additional infrastructure is not required
    • The infrastructure required to install and maintain servers is not needed. You don't have to worry about the cost factor of creating an infrastructure to maintain your server. 

Disadvantages of Hosting Campus 365 platforms on Campus 365's Cloud:

  • The customisation will not be possible for a particular/specific user.
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