General settings

General settings are available in the Setting modules. You can make the basic configuration of the institution from the General settings as explained below. The number of fields on the General settings page may vary depending on the number of plugins made available to your institution.

  1. Institute Name
    The complete name of the institute. This name will be used across the platform and in the Fee receipt as well.
  2. Address
    The complete address of the institute.
  3. Phone
    The default phone number of the institute.
  4. Institute Code
    Institute code is the institute's affiliation/accreditation number.
  5. Session
    Set the current year's academic Session for the institute.
  6. Session Start Month
    Set the starting month of the academic session of the institute.
  7. Teacher Restricted Mode
    Enabling this feature will restrict the teacher's access to all student's data. Class teachers can only access the information of the allotted class and subject teachers can access the information of only those classes for which they have assigned as a subject teacher.
  8. Language
    Select the default language of that platform.
  9. Timezone
    Set the timezone of the platform. By default, the timezone is GMT+5:30.
  10. Date Format
    Set the date format as required.
  11. Currency
    Select the ISO standard 3 digit currency code.
  12. Currency Symbol
    Set the currency symbol according to the country.
  13. Fees Due Days
    Define the number of days after which a fee is set to  Due.
  14. Logo
    Add your institute's logo in the Logo drag and drop boxes.
  15. Mobile API URL
    Mobile API URL is for connecting the Campus 365 Mobile App with your platform. This URL usually is your platform URL followed by /api/ path.

    For example, if your platform URL is then the Mobile API URL will be
  16. Custom Instructions for fee receipts
    In this field, you can add custom instructions for parents to display on the Fee Receipts. To know more about how to add custom instructions, we recommend reading about the Custom Instructions for fee receipts.
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