Roles and Permissions

Users with Super Admin and Admin rights can create new roles and assign permissions to all staff users. Navigate to Platform settings > Roles and Permissions 

On the roles and permissions page, there a few pre-defined roles that you can quickly assign to users so that they can start using the platform quickly. However, you can also create new roles according to your institution or rename the existing roles as required.
You can  Edit or  Delete a role by clicking on the edit and delete buttons present next to each created role.
Once the roles are created/updated, you can then align the permissions to these roles. To do so, click on the  Assign Permission button. This will take you the permissions page of the selected role.
In Campus 365, you can assign four different types of permissions to a user, these four permissions are:
  1. View - With this permission, a user can only view the data.
  2. Add - With this permission, a user can view the existing data and can add the new data into the platform.
  3. Edit - With this permission, a user can view and edit the existing data.
  4. Delete - With this permission, a user can delete the data from the platform. We recommend you to restrict the access of this permission to only selected users.
On the permissions page, checkmark the boxes under  View/Add/Edit/Delete permissions for the modules that you want to give access to the users to whom you will assign that role.

Note: If you assign new permission to a user who is already logged in to the platform, the user will need to logout and login again to see the platform according to newly allotted permissions.

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